We Need You Here

If you’ve landed here, we want you to know that this is a safe space to be exactly who you are!

This part of our project came out of a simple reminder of how important it is for human beings, no matter the gender they are assigned at birth or the gender they identify with, to go to the dr for regular checkups. Specifically for people assigned female at birth, going to the GYN can be a traumatic and dysphoric experience. We hoped to use the opportunity to remind folks that while it may be scary, your life is so truly important and you are needed here, and going to the dr is an important part of staying healthy and alive. 

This encouragement was met with a ton of support and solidarity. So many folks shared ways they have found to reduce their anxiety, as well as how to talk to their dr about things that are uncomfortable. And, as is common on the internet, it was also met with nastiness and hate, and a great deal of transphobia. So we decided if the haters are going to double down, we will to! We made more videos and more reminders of how important trans and queer folks are and how much they are needed right here! 

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