Temporary Tattoo Directions

To Apply: 

  1. Clean the area where you will apply the tattoo with soap and water. Then, ensure the area is dry.
  2. Remove the plastic protective film from your tattoo.
  3. Hold your tattoo face down on the application area.
  4. Wet a sponge or paper towel and hold it against the tattoo backing for 30 seconds, allowing the water to soak through the tattoo paper.
  5. Remove the backing by sliding it away and gently rub the wet sponge over the applied tattoo for the best results.
  6. Show off your handsome new temporary ink ;)

To Remove:

The manufacturer recommends these methods as the best options for removal:  

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Baby oil or olive oil
  • Scotch tape (although not recommended for thick or coarse hair)